About us

SANAA (Sana Afrika) is a streaming website and application of African arts and stories; Accessible on a low price for users in and out of Africa.


The platform aims at developing financial & careers of African Artists in a simple and stable ways that follows African codes of conducts, laws, norms and regulations as applied

To Help anyone with Smartphone, Computer or any other advisory device with internet, to access and watch African arts and stories in a simple way, low price to get entertainment and knowledge about African Continent modes of conducts, norms and Traditions

To help Africans /anyone to manage their time with reputable number of choices while saving corresponding internet cost.

To help Africans and possibly everyone to use local payment methods which are genuinely available for everyone

Help Artists and Storytellers to easily sell their arts and stories to a big market of large number of Africans and from all over the world.

Our streaming


We premier new African Films for certain period of time and being replaced by new other films with regular updating depending on the incoming Films as reglary updated. We have maximum of 5 Films to give a less number of choices to our customers.

TV Series

just as in the previous selection, Customers have the access to maximum of 10 episodes for a certain period of time that will be replaced by new 10 episodes of the 5 series to be shown on the platform

Live Streaming

Every month, we will have live events such as Music Concerts, Art Exhibitions as well as special events. At the end of the week we will have sports events including live matches.

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